Payfacile allows you to use multiple VAT rates according to your products or according to the country of your customers.

How to create a VAT profile?

1- Go to the "Taxes" section (check the box "My Business is subject to VAT." in case you did not choose a tax rate when you opened your Payfacile account).

2- Click on "NEW TAX PROFILE".

3- Create your tax profile and save.

The different types of tax profile :

A "Basic" VAT profile allows you to apply one VAT regardless of the customer's country.

An "Advanced" VAT profile allows you to apply a VAT based on the customer's country and on the product.

How to apply a VAT profile to a product?

To apply a VAT profile to your products :

1- Go to the "Products" section.

2- Click on the name of the concerned product to access its file.

3- Click on the button "MODIFY" at the bottom of the product's file.

4- Select the VAT profile rate to be applied to the product.

5- Finally, click on the "SAVE" button at the very bottom of the page.

The VAT profile you have chosen as the default tax profile for your account will automatically apply to your products at their creation.

If you are not subject to VAT (private individuals for example), you must set a tax rate of 0%.
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