Your Business Page Banner is the top part of your page where you present your value proposition.

Change the banner

You can make the following changes to the banner :

Add your value proposition (Title)
A value proposition is not a slogan! This is the promise of the value you will deliver to your customers. It is the main reason why your customers buy your products.

Specify your value proposition (Subtitle)
By reading these two sentences, your visitors must instantly know why they should become one of your customers.

A value proposition must answer 3 questions : why do you do what you do ? what do you actually do and to whom is it addressed ? how do you do it better than the competition ?

Choose your colors
You have the possibility to make a gradient from top to bottom in order to give a more modern look to your banner. A good practice is to choose a color and its lighter version. If you do not want a gradient, choose the same color twice.

Use the HEX tool to choose your colors.

Add an image or a video
An image or video can strengthen your value proposition and increase the understanding of your business.

Use the Pexel and Pablo tools to find beautiful royalty-free images.
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