Each of your subscribers has access to a private portal to allow them, among other things, to change their credit card from which the payments are made.

How does the private portal of your subscribers look like ?

The private portal is divided into 4 parts :

The subscription summary
Your subscribers can view the details of their subscription and terminate them.
Your subscribers can download their invoices.
Personal contact informations
Your subscribers can change their billing information.
The means of payment
Your subscribers can change their payment method. Very useful in the case of credit card expiration for example.

How do your subscribers access their private space ?

When a customer subscribes to one of your subscription offers, he will receive an order confirmation email with a link to his private portal .

All automatic emails sent to this customer will have a link to his private portal.

The automatic emails in the case of subscriptions are :
the subscription renewal
the payment of an invoice

How to hide the terminate button ?

You can decide to hide the 'Terminate' button on your subscribers' portal to prevent them from terminating their subscriptions themselves. This article explains How to hide the 'Terminate' button ?
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