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How does the sale of digital files work?

Selling digital files is getting more and more popularity: e-books, videos, podcasts, .pdf reports, etc...

How to sell a digital file?

Do you have an e-book, a video or a simple .pdf file for sale? Nothing could be easier! All you have to do is create a product of the type 'digital file'.

Create a digital file type product and upload your file on our servers.
Share the link of the Product page with your customers or publish it on your website and social medias.
Your customer will be able to download their files from the payment confirmation page. They will also receive the download link of the file by email.

The customer will be able to download the file from the payment confirmation page or from the payment confirmation email.

Creating a 'Digital File' product

The concept of creating a Product page for your digital file is the same as for any other products. The only difference is that you must upload the file you want to sell on our servers so that Payfacile can send the download link to your customer after his payment.

Creating a 'Digital File' product

Customer order

Customer order like on any other Product page. He will be able to download his digital file as soon as his payment is validated.

Payment confirmation page

A download link will also be included in the payment confirmation email.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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