PayFacile allows you to create a real website without coding by combining "Pages" with your "Home Page" and "Product Pages".
The page builder allows you to create and personalise your "Home Page" and "Pages" using our Drag & Drop Blocks system.

Here are some examples of websites created with PayFacile:
Digital Marketing Services
Travel Blog
Sport Coaching

"Pages" are usually used for the static pages of the website : Contact us, About us, etc.. And also for grouping Product Pages in a Catalog.

How to create a Page ?

Go to Store // Pages.
Click on "New page".

Here is how to use the page builder.

How to create a page with the page builder

You can edit the pages you have created from Store // Pages.

How to use Pages ?

A page can be added to your Homepage. Visitors to your homepage can then easily navigate to your different Pages to view their content.

You can also directly share by e-mail the link of your pages with your customers. Your customers will only have to click on the link to see the content of the page and consult and order your products.

You can also publish on social networks the link of your pages.
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