Combining your "Home Page" with "Pages" allows you to create a real website to showcase and sell your products.
The page builder allows you to create and custom your "Home Page" and "Pages" through a Drag & Drop Blocks system.

Here are some examples of websites created with PayFacile:
Digital Marketing Services
Travel Blog
Sports coaching

#Page builder for Home Page

By going to Store // Home Page, you will directly access the page builder for your "Home Page".

Any changes you make will be applied directly to your homepage.

#Page builder for your "Pages"

To create "Pages" with the page builder:
Go to Store // Pages.
Click on "New page".
Personnalise the page according to your needs, then save.

"Pages" you create will be listed in Store // Pages.

How to use the page builder?

3 simple steps:
Choose and Add a Block.
Personnalise the block you just added.
Hit Save.

How to use the page builder
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