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What is the Page Builder?

Combining your "Home Page" with "Pages" allows you to create a real website to showcase and sell your products.

The page builder allows you to create and custom your "Home Page" and "Pages" through a Drag & Drop Blocks system.

Here are some examples of websites created with PayFacile:
Digital Marketing Services
Travel Blog
Sports coaching

Page builder for Home Page

By going to Website // Home Page, you will directly access the page builder for your "Home Page".

Any changes you make will be applied directly to your homepage.

Page builder for your "Pages"

To create "Pages" with the page builder:
Go to Website // Pages.
Click on "New page".
Personnalise the page according to your needs, then save.

"Pages" you create will be listed in Website // Pages.

How to use the page builder?

3 simple steps:
Choose and Add a Block.
Personnalise the block you just added.
Hit Save.

How to create a page?

How to get the link of a Page?

Once the page is created and saved, there are 2 ways to get its link:

By clicking on "Copy link". You will get directly the link of the page.

By going to the page by clicking on "Go to page". The page will open in a new tab. You will then just have to pick up its link in the URL bar.

How to get the link of a Page?

How to use your Pages?

A page can be added to your Homepage or to your other pages. Visitors to your homepage can then easily navigate to your different Pages to view their content.

You can also directly share by e-mailthe link of your pages with your customers. Your customers will only have to click on the link to see the content of the page and consult and order your products.

You can also publish on social networks the link of your pages.

How to duplicate a page?

You can duplicate your pages and your homepage.

The copy of the homepage will be considered as a normal page. The original will always remain your homepage. The copy will be added and accessible in the list of your pages in: Website // Pages.

Duplicating a page will save you time if you want to create pages with common blocks.

How to duplicate a page?

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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