The customer account is the space on which your customers can consult their orders, subscriptions, invoices, update their contact details and their means of payment.
Is the customer account mandatory?

No. A customer can pay on one of your product pages without having to create a customer account.

A customer who has opened a customer account and returns to one of your product pages to place a second order will not have to re-enter his personal informations or payment method. He can pay in one click!

How do your customers access their customer account?

To access their customer account, your customers can log on to " your-business /signin" or directly to

Page

Customer account creation

Your customers have two ways to create their customer account:
Go to your-business /signup, enter their name, first name, email and choose their password.
Click on "I want to create an account" when they place an order on one of your product pages.

You can invite your past customers to create a customer account by sending them the invitation link on their customer file.
You can hide the "I want to create an account" box on your product pages from the advanced settings of your account.

Invitation link

1- Creating the customer account when ordering

When a customer orders on one of your product pages, he has the choice to create or not a customer account with you.

Customers are not required to open an account to be able to order.

By checking the box "I want to create an account", your customer will create his customer account.

During his next orders, he will be able to connect if he wants these orders to be recorded under the same customer account with you.

To do this, all he has to do is click on "I already have an account". Once he is connected his personal and banking information will be pre-entered.

A "customer account" can only be linked to one email.

2- Creating the customer account via the invitation link

At the top of each customer's record you will find a link.

If your customer has not yet created a customer account then this link is an invitation link.
Share this link with your customer to invite him to open an account, he will only have to choose his password, the other information will be pre-entered.

If your customer has already created a customer account, you will see a direct link to the customer's customer account that you can view.

Direct link to the customer's customer account

The fusion of a customer file to an existing customer account

Let's take the example of a customer who ordered once without creating a customer account and then ordered a second time by creating a customer account.
The system did not recognize the customer when placing his second order, so a second customer will be created.

You will therefore have a customer who does not have a customer account (the 1st) and a customer who has created a customer account (the 2nd).
You can merge these two customers and add the orders and payments from the 1st to the account of the 2nd.

To do this, you must send the invitation link of the 1st and send it to your customer who, being connected with the account of the 2nd customer, will be able to validate the fusion of the two accounts.
The 1st customer will be archived and his orders, invoices and payments will be added to the 2nd customer account.
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