No. It is not necessary to have a website to use Payfacile.

If you have a website ...

If you have a website, you can insert (embed / iframe) your payment pages or add a buy button and so transform your website into e-commerce.

You can add a 'My Shop' button to your website that redirects to your Payfacile Business page or to a Collection page where you present all the products that you have for sale.

Thus Payfacile allows you to create an E-Commerce section and add it to your existing website via a simple redirect.

If you do not have a website ...

If you do not have a website, you can use all the power and flexibility of Payfacile :
Present your company / your activity on the Business page
Present what you have for sale on the Collections pages
Sell securely through your Product pages.

Social networks

We always recommend creating a Facebook page for your Business to present your activity to your community and build your presence on social networks.

You will be able to publish your Business page, Collections and your Products pages to promote what you have to sell.
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