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How to add options and supplements to my products?

By adding options to your Product, you allow your customers to customize their orders themselves.

When you add a group of options to your product, a dropdown menu will be added to your Product page. This menu will display all the options available in your option group.

Your customer will then be able to choose the option that interests him and add it to his order:

In the case of a one-time payment page the prices of the options selected by the customer when ordering will be added to the total amount charged.

In the case of a recurring payment page the prices of the options selected by the customer at the time of his subscription will be added to the total amount charged at each recurrence.

How to use options on your products?

Let's take the example of a ready-to-wear suit for men. Here we will give the customer the possibility to customize his suit.

To do so, we will create 4 groups of options and add options as follows:

Color: (here we will use "on / off" type options)
Blue: + 0€ (+ 0€)
Black: + 0€ (+ 0€)
Grey: + 0€ (+ 0€)
We have set the prices of the "colors" options to 0€ so that they don't affect the total price of the suit.

Size: (here we will use "on / off" options)
L: +0€
XL: +6€ (+0€)
XXL: +12€ (+10€)

Number of buttons: (here we will use a "limit" option)
1 to 3 buttons: 1,20€ per button

Accessories : (here we will use "on / off" options)
Tie: +6€ per tie
Vest: +12€ (or more)

Here is how the product will look like:

How to use options on your products?

Here is an example of an order for a XL blue suit with 2 buttons and with a tie as an accessory.

Order with options

What is a group of options?

An option group is a menu that will be composed of the options that will be added to it.

To illustrate, here is the "Size" option group in our example, which is composed of 3 options: L, XL and XXL.

Group of options

To create an option group, simply click on "Add option group".

Create a group of options

What is an option?

An option is an element that can be selected when ordering, which adds an amount to the base price of the product.

1- The different options types

There are 2 options types:

On / off options:
They are options that you can simply decide to take or not.

Limit options:
Limit options are options for which the quantity can be set when they are selected.

2- How to create an option?

Here is how to create an option:
Click on the "Add an option" button of an option group.
Once in the options menu, click on "Add an option" to create an option.
Create the option and save.

Once the option is created it will be added to your list of existing options.

To add an option to the option group from which you clicked "Add Option", simply click "Add to Product".

Create and add an option

You can add as many groups of options as you wish. The possibilities of personalization are therefore unlimited.

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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