By adding options to your Product, you allow your customers to customize their orders themselves.

When you add a group of options to your product, a dropdown menu will be added to your Product page. This menu will display all the options available in your option group.

Your customer will then be able to choose the option that interests him and add it to his order:

In the case of a one-time payment page, the option price will be added as a supplement and will not be associated with the quantity of product chosen by the customer.
In the case of a recurring payment page, the option price is added to the total amount charged at each recurrence.

Let's take the example of a guest room, it is possible to create a payment page for one night at 90€ and add the following groups of options:

Would you like an extra bed?
yes, an extra bed : +20€
yes, a cradle : +5€
no additional bed : + 0€

How many breakfasts would you like?
a breakfast : +18€
two breakfasts : +36€
three breakfasts : +54€
no breakfast : +0€

You can add as many groups of options as you wish. The possibilities of personalization are therefore unlimited.
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