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How to integrate a product page into a website?

To integrate a Product page into a page of your website, you can add a button or embed the page in iframe in your web page.

There are 2 ways to integrate product pages into a website

Two options are available to you when you want to integrate a payment page into your website:

1- Add a button to your site and set up a redirection.

In this case, use the URL link of the page to create a redirect from your website to the Product page.

2- Integrate the page (embed) in your website.

In this case use one of the 3 integration codes (Standard, Mini or Pop up) to integrate the Product page in your website. It's the same principle as when you integrate a Youtube video.

Integration codes

Note that integration in iframe does not pose any security problems even if your site is not SSL secure. This is because the Product page where the payment is made is always hosted on Payfacile's servers which are SSL secure.

The Product pages always have 2 versions:

a classic version
The link for this version of the page will be in the format :[name-of-your-business] /s/[name-of-your-product]

If you decide to add a button to your website and set up a redirection, you will use the classic version

an embed version for iframe integrations
The link for this version of the page will be in the format:[name-of-your-business] /si/[name-of-your-product]

The embed version will display neither the header nor the footer and the display of the forms will be optimized.

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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