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What is a Product page?

The Product pages are secure payment pages.

How to create a product page?

To create or modify a product page, go to E-commerce // Products.

How to create a product page?

There are 4 Product page types:

Physical product: one-time payment.
Service provision: one-time payment.
Digital product: one-time payment. A download link for the file your sold will be sent to your customer once his payment has been validated.
Subscription offer: recurring payments.

The different types of products

The creation of a product is done in 5 steps:

Type of product: choose the type of the product (physical product, service, digital file or subscription).
The price: define the amount and options.
Details: define a title, description and image.
The order form: choose the information to ask your customers.
The design: choose the color code, background and display options.

You can add paid options or extras to let your customers customize their orders.

The Product pages always have 3 parts:

The presentation part
The product title, image (optional), price and description are clearly displayed.

The order form
By default Payfacile always asks for your customer's name and e-mail address. You have the choice of asking your customer for more information.

The payment form
It is on this section that your customer will enter his payment informations.

The Product pages always have 2 versions:

a classic version
The link for this version of the page will be in the format:[name-of-your-business] /s/ [name-of-your-product]

a version for iframe integrations (embed)
The link for this version of the page will be in the format:[name-of-your-business] /si/ [name-of-your-product]

The embed version will display neither the 'header' nor the 'footer' and the display of the forms will be optimized.

How to use your pages?

Product pages can be used :

simply by sending their URL link via email or sharing them on your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, ...).

by integrating them to your website by adding the link behind a button or by embed them as i-frame (like a youtube video).

by adding them to your Pages and to your Home Page.

How to use product pages?

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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