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How to connect Braintree?

To connect Braintree you must contact our teams to provide them with your API identifiers.

How to find your API identifiers on Braintree?

Login to
Go to Settings in the top bar
Click on API Keys
You will find your Public Key
Under Private Key, click on "view" to see your Secret Key and your Merchant ID

These 3 informations are necessary for us to be able to connect your Braintree account to your Payfacile account.

Braintree's rates are as follows:

1.9% + 0.30€ for European cards
2.9% + 0.30€ for non-European cards

Braintree is a payment gateway. It is the the infrastructure that provides a secure connection to protect sensitive information like credit card numbers. 🔐

Payfacile never has access to your bank details or those of your customers. 🛡️

Updated on: 24/10/2022

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