To accept online payments, you must activate your Payfacile account, ie switch it to Live Mode.

Switching to Live Mode is done in 3 steps:

Connect a payment gateway (Stripe for example).
Choose a Payfacile plan.
Click on the 'Switch to Live Mode' button.

1- Connect Stripe

Go to the Store // Store settings // Payment gateway.
Complete the registration form at Stripe (or log in to your account if you already have one).
Follow the instructions to connect your Stripe account to your Payfacile account.

2- Choose a Payfacile plan

Go to the Plan & Billing section then on PLAN.
Choose your plan.
Enter a credit card for the payment of transaction fees charged by Payfacile.

A credit card is always requested. This is for the payment of transaction fees at the end of the period.

3- Switch to Live Mode

Go to the Get Started section
If you have completed the first 3 steps, you can now click on 'Switch to Live Mode'.

Switching to Live Mode may take a few minutes. Be patient.

When switching to Live Mode, all your test orders will be deleted and the numbering of your invoices will restart from zero.
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