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What to do if your Stripe account is blocked?

If you have not provided enough information when registering on Stripe, your Stripe account might be suspended and you will receive the following email:

STRIPE's email

You have to give Stripe more information about your activity in order to meet their anti-money laundering requirements.

You have to communicate:

What you are selling (brief description)

How your customers can contact you in case of a problem. (you can say that your details are always visible on the Payfacile payment pages).

Provide the URL of your website or if you do not have one the URL of your Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin account.

Provide a copy of an invoice issued for one of the payments you have received (you can find the invoices in the My Orders section of your Payfacile interface).

You must fill in all these informations on the page

Note that Stripe imposes restriction on some business activities. Find the full list of restricted businesses in this article.

If necessary, you can contact Stripe support at You can also get a call back at (click on "Contact Support" to do so).

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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