Invite your friends and fellow entrepreneurs to use PayFacile and get rewarded!

Are you satisfied with PayFacile? 😃

Do you know acquaintances who might be interested in PayFacile? 👨‍💻

We reward you up to 100€ for each new user you refer. 💰

In order to satisfy all situations, we have set up 2 referral programs:

The CLASSIC Program
PayFacile remunerates you 10€ HT (12€ TTC) for each new active user.

The PARTNER Program
PayFacile remunerates you 25% of the amount of the PayFacile invoices paid by your referees up to a maximum of 100€ per referee.

What is an active user?
An active user is an user who has paid at least one invoice to PayFacile.

Is it possible to change the referral program?
You can change your referral program at any time.

Note that the referral program of a referee (and thus the associated remuneration) is defined by the referral program you configured at the time of the referee's registration.

How does the referral program work?
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