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How to track your sales statistics?

On Payfacile, you have a "Dashboard" to track your sales performance, but also to see the most recent events concerning your orders and payments.

The dashboard is accessible from Dashboard or by clicking on the Payfacile logo in the header of the sections list.

The dashboard has 3 parts:

The first part:

It shows the volume of your sales and the number of payments you received during a period:
per day,
per week,
per month.


The second part

It shows:
your last 5 most recent orders,
your last 5 payments received,
but also details about your subscriptions and the payment methods of your subscribers.

The third part

It allows you to consult:
your 5 most recent pending payments,
your 5 most recent failed payments.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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