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The Order Status

Use the order status to manage your order book and especially your subscriptions.

Details of the different order status:

* Pending:

The status of an order is "Pending" in the case where the customer has not finalized the payment. This status applies to all types of products.

* Concluded:

An order has the "Concluded" status when the customer has ordered and therefore paid.
This status only applies to punctual payment products and expired subscriptions.

* In progress:

The "In progress" status is only valid for subscriptions. It indicates that the customer has subscribed and that the subscription is still in progress.

* Suspended:

The "Suspended" status only concerns subscriptions. It applies when the payment of a period has not been made, in particular because of an invalid payment method (several possible cases: expired, invalid information, insufficient funds, etc.).

* Terminate at term:

The "Terminate at term"status appears when a subscriber cancels his subscription himself from his personal space. But also when you terminate at term the subscription from its order record. In this case the subscription will be definitively terminated on its anniversary date. No further renewals will take place. It is still possible to restart the subscription by contacting your Payfacile advisor.


The "Terminated" status applies to subscriptions. This status is definitive. You can terminate a subscription from the customer record. No further renewals will take place. The subscription cannot be restarted.


An order is set to "Archived" status when you archive it via the "Archive Order" button from its record.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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