All automatic emails can be enabled/disabled from the Notifications section.

Payfacile automatically notifies your customers for :

confirmation of payment - you can choose to add invoices as an attachment.
the validation of an order - you can disable this email if you wish (except if you use SEPA direct debits).
the validation of a refund - here is an article to know How to refund a customer ?

Emails specific to additional options :

the validation of a digital file order - this email contains the download link and cannot be disabled.
Subscription validation - this email contains the link to the customer's private portal.
Subscription renewal - this email is sent when subscription is renewed.
the termination of a subscription - this email is sent when a subscription is terminated.
the expiry of your customer's method of payment - this email contains the link to the customer's private portal so that they can update their credit card.
the suspension of a subscription - How to configure your subscriptions suspension rules ?
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