Use the payment status to track your activity and contact bad paying customers.

Details of the different payment status:

* Paid:
The "Paid" status indicates that the payment has been made and that the customer has been debited.
It also applies if you record a manual payment on a "Pending" invoice.

* Pending:
The "Pending" status means that the first debit attempt has not yet taken place (the legal time limit of 3 days before the first automatic debit attempt in the case of a subscription has not yet passed).

* Waiting confirmation:
In the case of a SEPA payment, the payment remains "Pending" until the bank of the customer confirms the transfer.

* Refunded:
The "Refunded" status applies when you refund a payment.

* Cancelled:
The "Cancelled" status applies when you cancel an invoice.

* Failed:
The "Failed" status means that the withdrawal has not been completed. The payment method is defective and no further attempts will be made. Various possible reasons: expired credit card, credit card reported stolen or lost by its owner, credit card invalid or not allowing automatic debits, etc.....

* Insufficient funds:
The "Insufficient funds" status is defined when the customer's bank account does not have a sufficient balance to pay the invoice amount. In this case, a new sampling attempt is automatically made every 24 hours.
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