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The Payment Methods Status

The status of the payment methods is very important. Indeed, the payment of future invoices and purchases will depend on this status. Knowing their meaning will allow you to take the right measures at the right time.

A customer can only have one payment method registered.

Details of the status of the payment methods:

* Active:

A customer's payment method is considered active if it is valid and has no anomalies (incorrect information, expired, insufficient funds, etc.). This status is confirmed by the successful payment of an invoice.

* Insufficient funds:

The "Insufficient funds" status is due to the fact that the customer's bank account has an insufficient balance to pay an invoice. In this case, a new sampling attempt is made every 24 hours.

* Invalid informations:

The "Invalid" status means that the credit card or bank account informations are incorrect, or that the credit card has been reported stolen or lost, or that the credit card does not allow online payments.

* Expires soon:

The "Expires soon" status means that the customer's credit card will expire in less than 30 days.

* Expired:

The "Expired" status indicates that the customer's credit card is expired and can no longer be used.

* Manual:

The status of a customer's means of payment is "Manual" in the case where the customer's means of payment is a cheque, cash or transfer (recorded by the seller).
It therefore has no automatic payment method registered: credit card or SEPA transfer.

* None:

The status of a customer's payment method is "None" when the customer has no registered payment method. Whether it is a manual or automatic payment method.
This happens when the customer deletes his payment method from his private portal or when the seller deletes the customer's payment method from his customer record.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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