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Why "mark as disputed" a payment?

Credit Card payments marked as paid:

1- Funds are immediately withdrawn from the customer's bank account.
2- Stripe keeps the funds for 3 or 7 days.
3- Stripe transfers the funds minus its processing fees to the seller's bank account.

If the customer dispute the payment with his bank:

Stripe refunds the customer and charges the seller 15€ (this is the charge back fee). The seller must provide proof that the customer has received / consume the good or service and that the transaction was made in good faith.

If the proof is accepted by the customer's bank, the seller receives the funds back and the 15€ are refunded.

For accounting purposes, it may be necessary to mark the payment as 'disputed' on PayFacile. IN SOME CASES THIS IS NOT AUTOMATIC.

Button "Mark as disputed"

Differences with SEPA payments:

The invoice is not marked as paid until 7 (working) days after the customer's payment. We estimate that there is very little probability that the customer will dispute the payment after this delay but in reality the customer has a total of 8 weeks to register a payment dispute with his bank.

In the cas of a dispute, customer is refunded and Stripe charges the seller 15€. In return The seller will have to provide proof, etc...

Similarly, in some cases it is not automatic, it is up to the seller to mark the payment as disputed.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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